Getting a baseball autographed

Many collectors enjoy getting baseballs autographed by their favorite player or players. There are many things to consider when having a baseball autographed:

  • What kind of baseball should you use? There are dozens of baseball manufactures but the best rule of thumb is to buy an “official” baseball for the league that the player belongs. This usually means buying a Rawlings Official Major League Baseball.
  • Where should the player autograph the baseball? If there is only one person signing the ball then you want to have them sign it on the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the area of the baseball where the seams are closest together and doesn’t have any logo printed. The only exception to this rule is if the baseball has a commemorative logo such as “World Series” somewhere on the ball. Then you can have them autograph the ball directly under the logo.

    If there are multiple people autographing the baseball, such as the some or all of a particular team, you should have the manager sign the ball on the sweet spot and let the remaining players choose any open area of the ball and autograph it there.

  • What type of pen or marker should be used when autographing a baseball? A standard ball point pen should be used for signing a baseball. A permanent marker (usually a Sharpie) should be avoided, they tend to bleed or fade over time. Also, try to have all the signatures on a baseball be in the same color of ink.

Once you have your baseball autographed, be sure to let the ink thoroughly dry and store the baseball out of direct sunlight. If you want to display the baseball there are many display cases made and can be purchased either online or at your local hobby store.

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