Game Used Memorabilia

One of the hardest things to collect is game used memorabilia. This includes anything that could be worn or used during
the course of a sporting event. The most commonly collected items are game used jerseys, bats, baseballs, footballs, and
gloves. These items can be difficult to collect because a lot of teams and athletes do not release these items for public
sale, although this trend is starting to change.

These pieces of memorabilia allow the collector to feel like they own something that was part of history or used by one of
their favorite players. Typically these items do not make it to a secondary market because the collectors that have these
type of items are truely fans of the team or player as well as a collector.

Contact your favorite team to see if they have a public point of sale for game used memorabilia. Once you start your
collection, be sure to visit and add it to your inventory!